The Data Migration Landscape

The Problem

Many data migration projects continue to follow the traditional waterfall approach. Surveys and research show that results are often too slow, ineffective or inaccurate. The industry is reluctant at adopting the right tools for larger data migration tasks and, as a result, costs can be higher than they need to be.

Our Solution

To succeed in managing a complex data migration or data conversion project, you need a single data migration tool. A tool that allows agile working, lets you easily map, create rules and relationships, validate, execute and test – all with a minimum of effort and high-quality results.

Facing the Challenge

hopp’s Data Migration tool addresses the difficulties and failures of the traditional approach to data migration or data conversion. We do this by incorporating business logic supported by an agile and iterative process, auto-generated code, fast deployment and straightforward testing and tracking – all embedded in a software solution.

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