About us - and the challenge

What is data migration so interesting?
Who are we - and why do we do what we do?

Data migration challenge

Organisations that embark on a system upgrade, modernisation, digitalisation or similar programs don’t realise the complexity of moving their data.


What is the best approach to our data migration challenges?


Do we have the knowledge and experience we need?


Can we use tools already built and tested?

Many data migration projects continue to follow the traditional waterfall approach. Results are often too slow, ineffective, or inaccurate. An agile and iterative approach is needed.

Most organisation underestimate the size and complexity of data migrations and often lack people with experience in complex data migration as it is rarely done.

The industry still continues to build poor quality and costly one-off solutions. But specialised software tools for data migration do exist. Tools that get you started fast and focused on business decisions. 

The challenge

1. Moving target

2. Text based specifications

3. Iteration cycles

4. Difficult to interpret data

5. Surprises

6. Little reuse for new projects

The right approach

We will help you understand how best to approach, scope, and plan your data migration. By conducting a landscape and ready assessment you will know where you stand before starting your data migration journey.

Planning a data migration

Our data migration approach are based on the need to be agile and iterative. migFx allows you to start fast and gradually extend and deepen you understanding of the data and requirements. This ensures a controlled and transparent process where results, progress and quality are well managed. 

The right people

Don’t underestimate what difference the ‘right’ people will have for your data migration project. Our data migration experts have years of experience and seen it all before. They will help your team find the fastest, cheapest and best way to get the job done.

The right tool

Our software tool migFx is specially developed to manage complex data migrations – nothing else! We have spent years developing, testing, and improving migFx. We are proud to say that it really works and makes a big positive difference.

Our data migration people
– experience and passion

Our approach and software solution has been developed over the course of ten years and used on extensive data migration projects.

Our data migration experts has a deep passion for data migrations and many years of experience – we have all spent a long time learning the limitations of doing things the old-fashioned way. We came together because we believe there is a fundamentally better way to deliver data migrations at scale.

migFx is ready to be used by anyone facing the task of migrating complex data – and wanting to do it faster, cheaper, better.

How we work

We are a young company registered and based in England, but working wherever our customers are and whatever the industry they are in. Our data migration team provides you with the solution and shows you how to use it.

With our standard setup and some basic training, either online or on site, teams are up and running within a few days. In most cases, you’ll be happy for us to set up our solution and train your teams.

We can even stay and assist you with project management and specific data migration challenges, where needed. As a company, we focus on helping our customers with their complex data migrations – nothing else.


migFx solution is suited to any data migration, large or small, allowing our customers to streamline their projects for optimum speed and efficiency. With the capability to map, test and track, problems can be spotted before they become a serious issue. Automatically generated code means you don’t even need to have developers heavily involved, no matter the size of your data migration requirement.

For a cheaper, faster and more reliable solution, choose migFx to manage complex data migrations with ease. To find out more and discuss your data migration needs, get in contact with hopp tech today.

Our software can be implemented to support any data migration, anywhere in the world, within any industry. To find out more and discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with us today.

On average, our customers save 25% or up to £100,000 when choosing to use migFx over other, less efficient, data migration solutions.

migFx is an agile solution which has been created to remove the need to undertake your own data migration project. It offers a solid industry solution which can be scaled up or down to fit any amount of data, users, teams and even run multiple migration projects in parallel.

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