SDC selects migFx for Data Migration


SDC is now a customer of hopp. Welcome aboard.

SDC has selected hopp tech ltd to provide its future solution for data migration software.

hopp will deliver its suite of software components migFx to further assist SDC in their efforts to maintain an effective, reliable and costs effective solution for onboarding new customers to their banking platform.

Superior data migration capabilities are key to SDCs business model where new customers are onboarded with time, quality and cost being central to convince potential customers to switch suppliers of banking services to SDC.

hopp tech ltd specialise in software for complex data migration. The unique ability of migFx to manage complex data migrations enables SDC to onboard new customers faster, cheaper, and better.

Since 1953 SDC have cultivated a community-based IT platform.

Today, there are 120 small and large banks in the Nordic countries that use the platform to excellent banking experiences provide a flexible and efficient platform with an international format – and helps you to develop your unique bank at a common future-proof foundation.

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