Build or buy data migration software?

Why build your own data migration software when you can buy a proven solution?

Building your own solution complicates, delays your project and exceed your budget. ‘Failing’ is often the result.

You might think that these guys at hopp just want to sell their software! Yes, we do, but we also way our customers to be successful and happy 😊.

Any large-scale data migration is complex enough already. There is no need to add a software development project on top of it.

Often organisation struggle with finding resources with knowledge of their systems, processes and data structures and to man these extraordinary data
migrations projects.

Let the resources you have focus on the business question and buy the software needed to run the data migration.

It’s a classic discussion on how best to achieve a goal or solve a problem by:

  • Manage risk,
  • Minimise cost and
  • Deliver on time

Applied to data migrations which are often one offs or low frequency projects it just makes no sense to develop such software when a solution can be

Why (always) buy:

  • Risks are fewer and can be assessed upfront

Buying a solution will get you proven solution with known features. Good solutions have all the features and functionality you need or can easily be
extended to solve your problem. Don’t have taken the risk associated with building a complete data migration software solution.

  • Cost is known

The price of obtaining and applying software can easily be estimated where development cost is often uncertain as no prior experience with such solutions
typically exists within organisations.

  • No time needed to develop software

Data Migration projects are always associated with bigger business initiatives be it M&A, Integrations, system simplifications or new systems
implementations. All good projects to bring benefits to the business. Thesooner benefits can be achieved the better. Why spend time when you don’t have

Any which way you look at it you need to buy your software for complex data migration. Next question which software?

Not all software is the same!

You need a dedicated solution for complex data migration project, or you at least need something that comes close so the time and cost to modify or extend
be a little as possible.

There are good generic data integration platforms out there that you can use to ‘build’ your data migration solution on, but few solutions that are truly
specialised in data migration.

We believe that our software migFx is such a solution. It has all the functionality you need and can with a minimum of effort be integrated into any
systems as required.  

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