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migFx solution is suited to any data migration, large or small, allowing our customers to streamline their projects for optimum speed and efficiency. With the capability to map, test and track, problems can be spotted before they become a serious issue. Automatically generated code means you don’t even need to have developers heavily involved, no matter the size of your data migration requirement.

For a cheaper, faster and more reliable solution, choose migFx to manage complex data migrations with ease. To find out more and discuss your data migration needs, get in contact with hopp tech today.

Our software can be implemented to support any data migration, anywhere in the world, within any industry. To find out more and discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with us today.

On average, our customers save 25% or up to £100,000 when choosing to use migFx over other, less efficient, data migration solutions.

migFx is an agile solution which has been created to remove the need to undertake your own data migration project. It offers a solid industry solution which can be scaled up or down to fit any amount of data, users, teams and even run multiple migration projects in parallel.

A team you can trust

Our data migration team have a deep passion for and over 15 years experience in data migrations – we have all spent a long time learning the limitations of doing things the old-fashioned way. We came together because we believe there is a fundamentally better way to deliver data migrations at scale.

Managing Director Sune Visti Petersen, Hopp
Sune Visti Petersen

Managing Director

T: +44 753 051 1287

Technical Lead Lars Kjaersgaard, Hopp
Lars Kjaersgaard

Technical Lead

T: +44 771 864 9548

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