Our software supports all types of organisations with every task associated with complex data migrations.

Who uses migFx


Any mid to large company in any industry challenged with a system upgrade, M&A, etc. involving new applications.

System Integrators

Any consultancy delivering system upgrades, project management or hands-on consultants for data migration for their clients.

Software Vendors

Any system vendor delivering new complex business application to their clients either on-premise or in the cloud.

Data Centres

Any data center that offers their clients data migration services when moving to a new application.

Modernisation, Digitalisation, New System
and moving to Cloud

Efforts that all require data migration at its core

Legacy to New

Many companies continue using outdated systems, regardless of the age or quality of the underlying technologies. The legacy platform and software is just not fit for purpose any longer and need to be replaced.

On-Premise to Cloud

Migration from legacy systems to a cloud-based service can improve the performance and competitiveness of your organisation. Legacy system performance is often poor, and maintenance costs are high. 

Organisations are aggressively trying to improve the efficiency of their business processes to drive down costs, create more value and increase their competitiveness. New systems and cheaper and more flexible infrastructure in the cloud are where many organisations are headed. To get there, organisations need to migrate their data. The faster, cheaper and better it can be done, the more successful they will be. 


Companies come in many sizes deploying different operational IT models. Few have sufficient in-house capabilities to manage complex data migration. Complex data migration projects are not frequent and require the right people, methodology, and tools. 

Our approach and software help structure companies’ projects and minimise cost, increase speed and quality. 

System Integrators

As a System Integrator, you work in a defined space specialised in either an industry or system application area- or both. You know those systems and businesses very well. 

Your knowledge is essential when supporting organisations with their improvement programs involving new systems.

Data migrations are always a key activity and you should apply a standardised methodology and supporting tools. 

Using our software you get a reusable data migration setup that will make you more competitive and more profitable.  

Software Vendor

Your software help organisations improve their efficiency and services.

For organisations to use your software their existing data needs to be migrated.

You might have chosen to leave this challenging task to the organisation themself or to Systems Integratores.

You should really consider establishing a data migration process to ensure successful onboarding.

Our software will form the core of a successful data migration practice, enabling you to offer a better onboarding experience to your customers.

Data Center

You want to offer more than just IT-infrastructure, computing power, storage, and the ‘cloud’ experience. 

When moving to the cloud from inhouse or between, cloud spaces application data often has to be migrated. As organisation traditional IT departments no longer exist organisation looks to you or System Integrators to assist with seamless migrations as business requirements change. 

We offer you the methodology and tools to establish migration services that will improve tour customers’ experience when moving to your data center.

System Vendor Case

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