Onboard new customers without disappointing

No one likes to disappoint or get disappointed.

On-boarding new customers onto your system require a data migration. It can be a risky, expensive and time-consuming challenge to even get started.

To get a head start without disappointing your new customer simply, get the right tool for the job!

The excitement for your new system and the goodwill of your customers erodes faster than you might think – if you don’t keep your promised deadline, cost or even worse critical business data are messed up or even partially missing at the end.

By using hopp’s data migration tool and methodology you can onboard your new customer’s data faster, cheaper and better than by any other known approach.

Read our System Vendor Case and why SDC has chosen our data migration tool to onboard new customers onto their systems.


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SDC provide 120 small and large banks in the Nordic countries with an efficient banking platform that provide an excellent banking experience, that is flexible – and that helps banks to develop their own unique bank based on a common future-proof solution.

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migFx is a new approach to complex data migration. One that avoids most of the traditional challenges in data migration, and helps you succeed where others fail to deliver within budget, time, or quality. Welcome to migFx!