Our partner and the associate programme is ideal for those individuals and companies that want to offer additional value to their clients through leading data migration solutions.

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Great people make good things happen

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Let’s change how data migration is done!

We have a great solution for complex data migration and are growing, but we would like more people to know about it – across all industries and geographies

Ways to join us

We are growing and need more people and more reach to get our data migration solution to even more customers. Even though we are based in London we are looking for people and partners all over the world – across all industries and types of organization. 

  • join us as an independent consultant or
  • become our Business Partner

Either way, you will be part of a team of data migration experts, who are passionate about improving current data migration practice by delivering faster, cheaper and better quality projects.

Become an Associate

You might work as an independent data migration consultant or think of doing so. We can help you deliver your projects and you help us deliver ours – especially in places we can’t easily get to or don’t have the capacity to serve. Let’s team up. We train you using our solution and together we deliver successful data migration projects.

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Be our Partner

In the data migration business already? We have the data migration tool you or your customers need to deliver faster, cheaper and better data migration projects.

By becoming our Data Migration Partner, we will support you in your effort to provide the best data migration service to your customers.

Whether you’re just starting providing data migrations services or are looking to improve your existing offer, our Partner Program offers an opportunity to include a data migration solution that will help you make a difference to your customers.

We provide:

  • Methodology
  • Data Migration solution
  • Training of you and/or customer
  • Support if you need it

By being our Partner you gain access to a unique solution for complex data migration that allows you to offer more value to your customers.

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Already joined

Building global partnerships with great and passioned people are important for us.
It allow us to help more customers succeed with their data migration projects, whatever geography or industry.

We are looking for partners, consultants, and other great people

If you are interested being part of a new team helping companies and organisations succeed with their complex data migration – talk to us

The value we offer

We offer a better way to manage a data migration project. A way that is faster, cheaper and better!

Our Solution closes the current gap in today’s offerings, one which allows you to further professionalise your work. Often tools developed for other purposes are used or adapted to help solve complex data migrations.  Results are costly, lengthy and often falling data migrations. We have addressed these shortcomings.

By being our Partner you can offer your customers additional value through lower cost, less time spend and improved quality.

Global ambitions

We have developed a unique Solution for complex data migration. A solution that can be applied independently of industry or geography.

We only do complex data migrations. We maintain focus, continue development, and stay committed ensuring that you have the best tool available.

We aim to establish a network of partners to cover any country and industry. If you or your company would like to be part of this journey please let us know.

The benefits

By joining us you will get access to our solution and we will support you in sales and execution so you can focus on meeting client expectations and delivering successful data migration projects.

  • Competitive pricing options

  • Assess to hopp’s pre-sales material
  • Sales and technical training and support

  • Early access to new releases

  • Product Roadmap

  • Web Portal

  • Joint Marketing

The obligations

We ask you to contribute to the partnership by investing your time and effort in getting to know our solution. Depending on your business model you should be comfortable introducing and matching client needs for data migration with our solution or even delivering data migration projects.

  • Signed Partner Agreement

  • Regular business review

  • Sales and technical certification

  • Provide level 1 & 2 support to customers

  • Provide training to customers

  • In-house demo installation

  • Joint Marketing

Join others and help improve current data migration practice

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