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Get inspired – connect and learn more about complex data migration.

Inspire, connect and learn

We need all need new ideas and people to connect with from time to time. Data migration best practices and software tools are no different.  

We offer many ways to learn about data migration, our software and how to stay in touch with us and other data migration professionals. 

Access to our white papers on data migration, online data migration training, forums, social media, and videos makes it easy to get the most of what we offer. 


We have made videos that:

Have a look in your own time.  

Social media

We sponsor a forum on LinkedIn focusing on data migration into the major ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle Fusion, Salesforce, and Workday among others.

On YouTube, we have put together a few playlists focused on the principles behind our software, demos as well as key features. Our hope is that you will find some time to have a look, get inspired, and get back to us for more. 

Our Twitter is where we vent our opinions and share views on what we see across the industry. Someone came up with something new, someone screwed up, someone showcases something interesting – and we like to share it.   

hopp forum

See what we are up to and share your thoughts

Support Portal

We offer online support

Ideas on paper

Not everything can be a short copy on a website. Sometimes it requires a bit more to tell the story especially when details matter. 

Our White Papers address different aspects of complex data migration and covers issues related to data migration.

They are free and available to all just browse our list and pick a few – maybe they will inspire you.


We offer online training as self-study available free from our training portal. Get Studio trial or request full demo user access to get started.  

I like to talk about options for bespoke training in migFx or data migration approach in general. 

Get in touch to learn more

As always, it you can’t find what you are looking for – please get in touch.

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