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Get ready to apply our solution to your data migration project

Data Migration Training

Our data migration training consists of a series of small modules which are based on an actual data migration case.  You learn to use our Solution to structure the project, carry out mapping, validate and execute it, and finally test and track the results.

The aim is to provide participants with an understanding of what activities are needed in a project based on our Solution and how best to manage the different activities and carry out each task as the project progress.

We teach you how best to solve common problems and leverage our Solutions strength – so you can the get the full advantage – and deliver better results faster.

We will take you through all the typical stages and activities of any data migration project and ensure that you know what to do before we let you go.

Our Solution contains extensive functionality, but don’t worry, we provide you with the knowledge you need to understand how the individual components of our Solution work and, how it ties all the activities together to form an efficient, flexible and iterative data migration process.


We offer focused hands-on training modules – so you can apply our Data Migration Framework.

  1. Introduction
  2. Mapping with Studio
  3. Using Director to execute code
  4. Tracking result and events
  5. End to end migration process
  6. Technical configuration
  7. Project setup

Not all modules are needed for all users. Which modules you might need will depend on your role in the data migration project.

Specific project roles and the associated tasks vary in any data migration project. We have tailored our training to support the different generic roles so they fully understand what responsibilities and tasks their particular role cover in relation when using our Solution.

The training modules evolve around a case where participants are guided through all the steps by short hands-on exercises.

More Info

We teach you how to work, using an agile project cycle supported by our Solutions many features, so you can deliver data migration faster, cheaper and better.

If you would like more information on how we can train you and your team in using our Solution please get in touch.

Email us on info@hopp.tech or better

More Training

Our data migration training focuses on getting you ready to use our Solution. We train you to understand our data migration approach, concepts, and tasks. Combined with hands-on exercises our training is both fun and fast.

In addition, to the standard training we provide, we happily design and deliver any additional or specific training, if your data migration project needs it.

We provide standard and tailored training that help you get started
– and get the full value from our Solution