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Watch how to solve key data migration tasks

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Demo videos

Check out our data migration videos below to get a better feel for the way the tools in our Solution work.

Our playlist contains our demo videos in the order we suggest you watch them.

We have chosen the videos we believe you will benefit from watching, to show you both how easy it is to use our Solution, but also how rich the functionality is.

Our Solution has the functionality needed manage all aspects of a complex data migration – this is just an introduction. Thanks for watching.

The key tasks

Our collection of demo videos illustrates how to solve some of the core tasks in any complex data migration using our Solution.

  1. Working with Business Objects
  2. Structured mapping using Studio
  3. Generating code with Engine
  4. Execute a data migration with Director
  5. Track and trace an event using Tracker
  6. Follow a full iteration cycle using all components
  7. Workflow – assign team to follow up on events

Should our online data migration videos not cover what you like to know, then please get in touch for a live demo focusing on your requirements and question.

Watch our playlist 

There is a lot more to our Solution than a few videos can justify
– so why not let us show you what you missed

Hopp Our Solution

A introduction to our Solution for Complex Data Migration
Duration 03:21 mins.

Business Objects

See how our Business Object approach ties together all information on a related set of data throughout the data migration.
Duration 00:55 mins.

Structured mapping

See how the Studio work with structured mapping in by linking data fields and applying rules and validating these.
Duration 01:47 mins.

Generate code

See how the mapping from Studio is published and used to generate the data migration code.
Duration 01:08 mins.

Execute code

See how easy it is to execute the code for a given set of data hence allowing complete or very granular test runs.
Duration: 00:47 mins.

Track and trace

See how to view, track and trace all results and any event raised during the data migration back to the original mapping.
Duration: 00:47 mins.

Full iteration

A an event has occurred during the migration and it is traced back to its the cause then corrected and re-run.
Duration: 04:00 mins.

Workflow illustrated

Show you what a workflow to resolve an event raised during the data migration could look like.
Duration: 00:47 mins.

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