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Our data migration people –
experience and passion

Our Data Migration approach and solution has been developed over the course of eight years and used on extensive data migration projects.

Our data migration team have a deep passion for data migrations and over 15 years of experience – we have all spent a long time learning the limitations of doing things the old-fashioned way. We came together because we believe there is a fundamentally better way to deliver data migrations at scale.

Our Solution is ready to be used by anyone facing the task of migrating complex data – and wanting to do it faster, cheaper, better.

Sune Visti Petersen

Managing Director

Sune has had a long career as an executive in risk management, data and analytics, is an experienced executive and keen entrepreneur who enjoys embracing anything challenging.

Managing Director Sune Visti Petersen, Hopp
Technical Lead Lars Kjaersgaard, Hopp

Lars Kjaersgaard

Technical Lead

Lars has extensive experience across several industries with any-scale data migration projects. From these experiences, Lars uncovered a need for a new, improved approach to data migration. For the last 10 years he has been the lead architect for our unique solution.

How we work

We are a young company registered and based in England, but working wherever our customers are and whatever the industry they are in.

Our data migration team provides you with the solution and show you how to use it. With a simple licence and some basic training, teams are up and running within a few days.

 In most cases, you’ll be happy for us to set up our solution and train your teams. We can even stay and assist you with project management and specific data migration challenges, where needed.

As a company, we focus on helping our customers with their complex data migrations – nothing else.

Our Software

hopp’s Data Migration tool addresses the difficulties and failures of the traditional approach to data migration or data conversion.

We do this by incorporating business logic supported by an agile and iterative process, auto-generated code, fast deployment and straightforward testing and tracking – all embedded in a software solution.

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Our latest news

migFx – PDMv2 Compliant

– it’s different and its better. migFx is a comprehensive and industry proven toolset for complex data migration. hopp tech have worked hard to create

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