Migrating into Microsoft Dynamics 365

A complete solution for data migration

Business transformation requires meaningful data

To get business benefits from using Dynamics 365 critical information
should be verified and trusted.

Challenges migrating data to Dynamics 365

Getting information from legacy systems and moving it to Dynamics 365 is tricky.

Old systems are different from D365. Changes in business processes have a big impact on data migration. Anticipating the complexity and uncertainty of data conversion requires a flexible approach.

migFx is based on an agile approach and allows you to deal with changing scope and requirements in the most efficient way.

Pre-built metadata to speed up the migration

Knowing data structure and validation requirements can significantly increase speed and quality of migration.

Define source mapping and reference

Extract and convert source data

Generate target data in D365 templates

Validate and fix issues before loading to D365

Deliver quality data to D365

migFx automates data conversion

Don’t waste time on manual conversion

If you think that transforming data using spreadsheets is good enough, think about all the manual labour and errors.

How many times preparing data in a spreadsheet ended up in days of work?

Luckily, you don’t need to develop your own: migFx is a ready-to-go, tested migration solution

Designing a custom migration for D365 takes time and resources

Migrating into D365 is complex. Don’t underestimate the time and effort needed to build your own, custom migration solution.

The amount of planning and development that’s required before you can even start moving data across is incredibly time-consuming, requires technical experts and delays the point at which you start to identify problems with the source data.

What happens to your manual registration of transformations when you receive new source data?

Legacy data must be extensively augmented and transformed to meet the requirements of D365

Data migrations must account for the relationships that exist between data. For example, fields like ‘Address’ and ‘Account Number’ will be related to and dependent on fields like ‘Customer’.

These relationships (or business rules) must be preserved when migrating. When you migrate your data, D365 will ‘validate’ these rules and reject any errors.

Typically, older systems will have less restrictive validation than D365. As a result, some data in the old system will fail the validations built into the D365 and cause records to be rejected.

The load files for D365 can be complicated and unintuitive

When migrating data to a D365, you’ll need to create load files. These files can be complex to create and must be loaded in the correct sequence to be successful.

If you’re not familiar with D365, this can be tricky, non-user-friendly and will often require expensive expert assistance.

D365 migrations can often turn into nightmarish time-sinks

What is in the box

The success of any data migration is judged on its accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. In an ideal world, it would be as easy as taking the data from your old phone and migrating it to a new handset.

Alas, complex migrations often turn into drawn-out, money-sapping affairs that leave you with a disjointed mess of data in the new system.  

Migrations into D365 are no different. The quirks of the platform can result in difficult to rectify errors, expensive workarounds and – in worse case scenarios – project restarts.

All this costs you time, money and effort.

How to modify/extend

Whatever line of business you’re in, you probably don’t want all your attention to be taken up by data migration. The nature of the world today is that we’ve always got a million things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them. 

The great thing about the migFx Fusion extension is that your focus won’t be completely taken up by matters of migration. The sleek, automated processes of the platform ensure that you’re able to turn your attention to what’s important to you, with minimal interruptions.

How we can help

Our Functional and Technical Consultants are available to help you get started and it needed carry our your data migration project into Microsoft Dynamics D365

Concentrate on migration decisions.
Automate migration with migFx

With the migFx solution, your team can concentrate on meaningful part of data migration.

migFx for D365 advantages

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migFx D365 architecture

The solution is based on the generic migFx Integration framework

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Data Migration to Microsoft Dynamics D365

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