Software for complex data migration

Our software – migFx – provides support for every task associated with complex data migrations. 

Multiple teams can work together at their own or a common velocity while managing dependencies between them.

Our data migration software

A complete solution

We call our data migration software migFx. migFx addresses the difficulties and failures of traditional data migration approaches.

It does that by incorporating business logic supported by an agile and iterative process, auto-generated code, fast deployment, and straightforward testing and tracking – all embedded in one software solution.

migFx is suited for all complex data migrations where significant business logic is migrated between different systems and data models.

It can be used by companies, data centers, system vendors, system integrators, and system developers across all industries.

migFx specialised components

migFx consists of four specialised, functional components 

Studio lets you build Business Objects, map data elements and assign rules. The mapping is turned into code by the Engine, while the Director lets the user specify which code to execute, when and where. Finally, all results can be viewed, analysed and tracked using the Tracker.  


Studio provides a comprehensive and consistent interface to establish business objects and apply rules and validation criteria. Using the Studio, a team of business experts can collaborate to produce, cross-reference and validate the mapping.

Studio guarantees the functionality needed to ensure a very high degree of consistency and coherence in the mapping. Most importantly, Studio facilitates and enforces mapping of an extremely structured nature, serving as input to Engine that generates the migration code.


Engine generates the code needed to execute the data migration, based on the mapping done in Studio.

If, for some reason, the code does not produce the desired results, then correction is made by modifying the mapping and re-generating the code. Generated code is never modified manually.

Although Engine generates most of the code necessary, certain migration rules may be implemented by hand. The generated code contains stubs for these rules, making their manual implementation easy.

Any manual code is not overwritten by the code generator and will be clearly visible at the compilation stage.


Director is the execution manager. It uses Engine code to execute the data migration. Through Director, the user loads source data, populates value sets, executes the data migration and offloads the target data produced by code.

Use of Director means that it is possible to iterate in a very fine-grained manner. It’s possible to iterate all Business Objects that have generated a specific event during migration, to iterate a specific Business Object.

In addition, Director supports the operation and execution of multiple data migration projects across a host of different servers.


Tracker is a web application that is easily accessible to everyone involved in the project.

It shows the migration results and any events raised, including baseline comparisons that reveal trends since the last iteration.

Tracker shows detailed information for each migrated business object, helping the user analyse the results and track any issues – searching or drilling down to a specific business object, etc. Finally, Tracker keeps track of the state of events (new, fixed, accepted, recurring etc), any comments, and makes possible the assignment of issues to users and teams.

Using our solution

Our solution directly addresses four critical areas:

It support all the steps needed in a complex data migration. 


Our software can be integrated with any source and target system.

We have well-defined interfaces that can easily be applied to your systems, making your data migration successful with less effort and better quality. The application of these interfaces forms one part of the extension that will fit migFx into your context.

Our pre-built extensions contain not only the technical interface between the systems involved, but also the mapping, rules and validation that ensure that data is migrated correctly.

Should you be migrating to a standard system, chances are you could benefit from an already established extension saving you time and money.

... our prebuilt integrations

Oracle Fusion

Migrating onto Oracle applications typically include migrating into several functionals modules like HR, Finance and Purchase etc.. The overall complexity and hence the need for consistent high-quality data is greatly helped by using our solution and already established extension.

Dynamics 365

If you plan to use multiple Dynamics modules across your organisation, chances are that the data migration effort will be significant. Getting a head start with a preconfigured enterprise-level data migration software from us will make sure your time can be spent focusing on getting the business process right.

Others / more...

If we don’t already have an extension for your project, we will help you establish one. Our generic extensions interfaces significantly speedup the process getting you started fast and finishing sooner. 

Get in touch to learn more about Integration

Your specific Source and Target will be easily integrated with migFx. 

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