Training Portal Here!

February 14, 2018

Training Portal Is Ready

You can now learn how to use migFx for complex data migrations from anywhere.

On our new Training Portal, you can find the Exercises you need to get going fast. Just get your login credentials from us – and you can start your training today.

With remote access to our tailored migFx Training Setup, you can jump right into a data migration project that we have set up and prepared so you can work with a live example without setting everything up yourself.

Working through a number of sequential exercises you will be practicing the different features in migFx as if it was a real jet simple project. As you work your way you through the different exercises and watch the supporting videos you will gradually learn how to use migFx.

No more need for classrooms training to be organised somewhere. This means that you can train from anywhere whenever you like and that you save time and money.

We are still here to support you if you need help or have any question.

To get access to the migFx Training Case please email