Migrating into Oracle Fusion with migFx Fusion

A complete solution for data migration. Pre-configured for Oracle Fusion applications to give you a fast start to your programme.

Oracle Fusion migration - cheaper, faster and better 

When implementing Oracle Fusion Applications it is often the preparation of the data for migration that is the most complex and time-consuming part of the project. 

Even if the data in the legacy applications are clean and well maintained, it can take months of effort to build the necessary software to extract, transform and prepare it to be loaded to the new Fusion database. 

As a result, it may be late in the day before any issues with the legacy data are identified, sometimes too late to correct them in time to avoid a delay to the delivery of the project. 

To minimise the risks associated with the data migration you need a good team equipped with the best toolset available – we believe we have that toolset in migFx and we have now preconfigured it to the requirements of Oracle Fusion Applications. 

The migFx Fusion solution

The migFx Fusion solution extends migFx rich functionality for any Oracle Fusion data migration projects, it can be used when migrating data from any legacy system or previous Oracle EBS version etc.

Out of the box migFx Fusion contains what we call a “Fusion Target Map” – representing the data and validation requirements of Fusion as well as the functionality needed to insert data correctly in Oracle Fusion.

With migFx Fusion you get most of the business logic, code and control features you need – and hence a headstart on your Oracle Fusion data migration.

What does migFx Fusion offer?

All the benefits of migFx, reduced cost, improved accuracy and speed, but with a flying start.

As we have done most of the work of building the Target Map for the Fusion Applications you can start testing data from your Legacy systems with the prebuilt validation almost straight away. 

We built it, pre-configured, and tested it so you get a solution that works.

migFx Fusion makes use of the migFx Target Map in our Studio application to structure the logical business entities as business objects for the different Oracle modules. It contains validation and rules needed to ensure the only high data quality and consistent date are passed on to Oracle Fusion.

You don’t start from scratch. We deliver a full target map for Oracle Fusion so your project can focus on applying and extending it.

Our Oracle Fusion target map is set up in a way that is easily understood by any Oracle Fusion business consultant so they can make modifications or extensions as they are needed.

Avoid wasting time and resources designing a custom migration

The success of any data migration is judged on its accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

The complex nature of migrations into Fusion applications will typically require a custom migration solution to be built.

The amount of planning and development that’s required before you can even start moving data across is incredibly time-consuming, requires technical experts and delays the point at which you start to identify problems in the source data.

Old system data rarely meet new Fusion requirements

Data migrations must account for the relationships that exist between data. 

These relationships (or business rules) must be preserved when migrating.

When you migrate your data, Fusion will ‘validate’ these rules and reject any errors. Typically, older systems will have less restrictive validation than Fusion applications.

As a result, some data in the old system will fail the validations built into the Fusion application and cause records to be rejected.

If this is left to the load process to detect you are left with inconsistent or logically incomplete data in your new system which is difficult to resolve.  

The migFx Target Map has this business logic built in so problems can be detected and resolved before the data ever reaches the load stage. 

The data model and requirements of Fusion are complicated

When Migrating data to a Fusion application, you’ll need to create load files. These files can be complex to create with sufficient quality. They must be loaded in the correct sequence to be successful.

If you’re not familiar with Fusion requirements, this can be challenging and will often require expensive expert assistance.

Our migFx Fusion solution has all this set up correctly from the get-go so you can focus on the business requirements. 

Testing the delivery

Testing using migFx Fusion can to a large extent be done without loading data onto Oracle Fusion. How?

Iterations can be done multiple times in migFx Fusion without using Oracle Fusion to test. As migFx holds the source data, Valuesets from Fusion configuration and the Target Map data can be processed in full or any part to test and verify that the data passed through migFx Fusion meets all requirements and are consistent.  

When data are ready migFx Fusion, they will be pass as objects on to migFx Fusion Delivery mechanism which inserts the data correctly into Oracle Fusion.

A secondary user test can be done in Oracle Fusion to finally ensure quality are as expected for a given test phase or signoff.

Focus on what’s important

Whatever line of business you’re in, you probably don’t want all your attention to be taken up by data migration.

Moving to a new system – enhancing your business capabilities means that you need to make a decision on how to incorporate them into your organisation, what new processes to use, and how to find/create the data needed.

You need to stay focused on this and not spend time on building data migration solutions for your project – especially when you can have one off the shelf.

migFx Fusion architecture, components, and features

migFx Fusion sits between the source system and Fusion providing a controlled enviroment for you to build your mapping, run iterations and validate your data before passing them on error-free to Fusion. 

Get to know more about how it all works – please download our white paper on migFx Fusion 

Data Migration to Oracle Fusion

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