There is a better way to
manage data migration.

Our game-changing approach allows your organisation to take
a significant step forward in extending its data migration
capabilities, breaking through today’s compromises.

What’s different about our approach?

We provide a step-change in migrating complex data through a combination of software tools and methods – enabling your team to focus on what really matters. It consists of software components that together increase productivity through fast feedback, built-in validation, minimal coding and rapid iteration, all while improving accuracy in testing and event handling.

Our solution, migFx supports a faster, cheaper and better solution for data migration – focused on managing complex data migrations and capable of handling the entire data migration process.

We offer a complete software solution, supported by an agile and iterative process, which results in a powerful collection of software components for mapping, execution, testing and tracking data that significantly improves the speed and quality of complex data migration. hopp technology breaks the traditional compromises.


Accelerate mapping, coding and testing through proven tools


Boost quality through consistent application of business logic and event handling​


Eliminate time-consuming and low-value activities such as manual specifications, coding and testing​

Our Solution

Our solution, migFx, has been proven through many successful migration projects over the past eight years. We have successfully addressed the issues that often prove challenging in data migration projects. Our solution directly addresses three critical areas:


Define the logic that must remain intact after the data migration

Execution and In-time Assessment

Track and document quality. Enable fast and easy re-execution of full or partial migration

Mapping and

Modification and code generation is fast and agile, ensuring implementation is consistent and quick

“migFx”, the hopp Data Migration Framework addresses the difficulties and failures of traditional data migration approaches by incorporating business logic supported by an agile and iterative process, auto-generated code, fast deployment and straightforward testing and tracking – all embedded in a software framework.

Key Features

Organisations applying our solution can concentrate on business issues rather than working on endless specifications. With our solution, it is easy to map, execute, test and track results, allowing potential problems to be flagged and solutions swiftly implemented.

With code automatically generated, there is minimal need to involve developers allowing your teams to be more effective working together across multiple areas and issues.

An end-to-end solution for complex data migrations

Our solution boasts all the tools  you’ll need to successfully complete a complex data

Powerful, easy-to-use graphical user interface

A Windows application allows you to map data, define business rules, create data validation, perform tests and track events.

Logical Business

The concept of Business Objects means that you can stay focused on pure business logic throughout.

Consistency across the application

By consistent application of mapping, rules and validation into the actual code, errors in the process are minimised.​

Business Objects

The Data Migration Framework is built on the concept of Business Objects. A Business Object represents all the data related to one specific item of the business being migrated (eg customer, account, product, policy, invoice, etc).

Using our solution, you create Business Objects in hierarchies, each with a recursive hierarchy of sub-Business Objects. These provide the basis for the mapping, the actual executions and the reporting of results.

Every Business Object passes through the migration process as one unit, fully traceable at each and every step.

Agile and iterative

The iterative nature of our migration approach works via a process of continuous improvements in mapping and validation that greatly enhance the quality and speed of the migration.

The Data Migration Framework allows different data elements to be added little by little – tested and tracked, modified and re-tested. Full iterations can be done on multiple levels, from individual Business Objects to groups of Business Objects. Due to the ease of iterating, entire new Business Objects and data elements can easily be added and existing Business Objects enhanced.

The Framework relies on an iterative workflow as the best way to ensure fast progress – creating a loop where mapping can be implemented and tracked in minutes.

Suitable for every project

Our solution is suited for all complex data migrations where significant business logic is migrated between different systems and data models. It can be used by companies, data centres, system integrators and system developers across all industries.

The entire Migration Framework can be implemented and run on one, single machine –

even a laptop. This can be useful for demonstration, prototyping and similar purposes.

The solution can scale up to any required set-up in any context involving larger amounts of data, a number of different users, teams and even numerous separate migration projects running in parallel.

Our latest news

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