Be our Partner or Associated Consultant

We now offer to Partner with other companies and independent consultants in the data migration space.

By reaching out to colleagues everywhere we are aiming to create awareness and present across all industries – regardless of geographies.

When you Partner with us you will be able to offer migFx – our superior solution for complex data migrations – to your clients.

You might already have a complementary business offering – so the addition of a data migration tool will extend your current offering and capability for data migration. If not we can help you build a new business 🙂

We will

  • help you package and market a data migration solution to your prospective clients
  • train and support you to make sure we together deliver successful data migrations
  • give you access to our Partner Portal
  • make sure we share benefits of this mutual cooperation

So, get in touch us to explore how we and team up and offer faster, cheaper and better data migrations to more businesses and organisation everywhere.

Go to our web page to learn more.

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