Partner with Venus Informatics

Announcement – hopp partner with Venus Informatics

Venus Informatics and hopp tech ltd are pleased to announce their Partnership

Venus Informatics help empower businesses through improved governance, access, and visualization of data assets. Venus Informatics is dedicated to delivering high quality, cost-efficient, and business-focused data engineering services and solutions.

hopp tech ltd offer a dedicated tool for complex data migrations called migFx. migFx let you structure, manage and execute a data migration with higher quality, greater certainty, and less effort – saving you time and money.

Venus Informatics who is based in New Zealand, and work across all industries, are now able to offer a superior data migration tools to help its customers deliver complex data migrations faster, cheaper, and better.

“By partnering with hopp tech, Venus Informatics can offer a state of the art data migration tool and the dedicated knowledge and support from hopp tech that will ensure that our customers will benefit.”        

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