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Our software can scale to any required size in any context involving larger amounts of data, a number of different users, teams and even numerous separate migration projects running in parallel.

migFx in any configuration


With all the hardware stored in-house, on-premise solutions are primarily used by larger organisations with their own data center infrastructure. 


Software and data hosted in remote data centers. Organisation has access to everything, but don’t own/controls the data center.


A combined approach that lets your organisation keep your data inhouse while connecting to a cloud-based data migration server.

migFx - setup and configuration

Fexible sizing and deployment

migFx Portal (beta)

The migFx Portal is our latest product containing our new Plan component providing easy deployment in all configurations and access for all participants in a data migration. 


Studio is a windows desktop application and application installed on each users PC or laptop. It is easily downloaded and installed on any computer running windows operating systems.


The Engine contains the code generators generating the engine code as well as base class libraries containing common, supporting functionality for the generated code.


Using the Director, you load source data, populate valuesets, execute migration jobs and offload the target data produced by the engine.


Tracker is a web application that runs under IIS. It is easily accessible to everyone involved in the project and shows the migration results and any events raised, including baseline comparisons that reveal trends since the last iteration.


All migFx components can be implemented and run on one, single machine – even a laptop. This can be useful for demonstration, prototyping and similar purposes.

The solution can scale up to any required set-up in any context involving larger amounts of data, a number of different users, teams and even numerous separate migration projects running in parallel.

Because any data migration always exists in a specific context, migFx comes with a number of extension points to enable any integration needed.

Some typical extensions used in most implementations are Valueset Provider interface, Load Interface and Offload Interface. These are used to load data from the source system and offload data to the target data.

Configuring these extensions is part of deploying the solution in a given IT environment.

Technical requirements


Studio, Tracker


Engine, Director


Windows Server, Master Server


Users working on the migration project have a Project PC with Studio, Engine (and Visual Studio), Director and a web browser. Other project participants needing a look at the progress and issues relating only need a PC/tablet with a web browser.

The Master Server holds the database for Studio and Director, as well as the Internet Information Services for Tracker. The Execution Servers contains the Director Runtime Services and the databases necessary to run one or more tracks.

An Execution Server can also be allocated to serve as Master Server. The simplicity and possible scaling options make the solution suitable for all types and sizes of installations.

Integration with cloud based application

Our software can be integrated with any source and target system no matter where it is hosted whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid. 

We have well-defined interfaces that can easily be applied to build you own extensions. 

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migFx Installation

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