Sketches Introduced

Training Cartoons introduced – we call them Sketches

We have added a number of cartoon sketches to our Traning Portal and Youtube Channel.

The cartoons are fun to watch and will give you a good understanding of the key concepts in migFx. We focus on the key concepts in migFx to help you quickly get an overview and broad understanding without going through system features, screen dialogs etc one by one.

The concepts explained int he Sketches are not just great for a deeper understanding of how migFx works, but supplements the Training Exercises nicely and makes it even easier to learn how to use migFx for your data migration project.

To make it more personal we asked our Technical Lead to record his explanations and illustrations directly on video. One professional to another – no noise.

We like the result and hope you do the same.

The current list of Sketches is (link to the video on Youtube):

Watch the full playlist on Youtube.

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