Our data migration people are passionate about helping you move to new systems – especially when it’s challenging and data are complex.

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As businesses move away from their legacy systems to achieve the benefits of new processes and technologies, data migration becomes necessary. Successful data migration is crucial for the successful move of any organisation to a new large and complex enterprise system.

Ensuring that the organisation’s knowledge (of customers, products, orders, inventory, people, and processes) are not only preserved but also correctly fitted to the new system is not the only key to the continuation of the business, but also to its ability to reap the benefits of the new system.

Accuracy of data and availability of the relevant data at the right time is crucial for success. Failure to migrate or even major disruption of business results in high cost and reputational loss. 

Our data migration experts can help you not only plan and structure your data migration project but also executing it using our software. 

The expert support we offer guarantees you a fast and smooth transition to your new system allowing you to focus on running and improving your business. 

The support we offer

Before you start

The main reason so many data migrations veer off course is those project requirements are not fully understood at the start. Organisations are not ready!

While application implementation is often simple, data migration requires specialised skill sets such as data analysis and data modeling.

It is rare for organisations to have these skills and experiences.

So talk to us before you start!


An approach will give you that path.

Choosing the most suitable and sound method that is right for your data migration project will give you the path  success.

An approach will give you the guidelines to make your project manageable, smooth and effective.

Business support

Our consultants help you understand your current data and the requirements of new applications have for the business processes you have chosen for you organisation. 

We work with you to identify how best to migrate data to your new application.

Our consultants know data migration and migFx which putting them in a unique position to be highly effective from day one. 


We train all your data migration stakeholders in the best way to use our software – online and available from anywhere. We provide ideas, an approach, and a structure to any data migration project. 

Yes, our software can manage it all! Even better: It does not take long to master it.

What we don’t do is to claim we know your business and its data better than you – that’s your job.  

Technical support

Our technical consultants know how to work with complex data structures. They bring experience and tools to do the job.  

They will get migFx installed, configured and your existing data extracted and loaded into our software allowing you to start seeing actual data flowing through the migration process almost immediately

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We ensure that you get the full benefits from our software delivering you data migration faster, cheaper and better

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