Technical support

Our technical consultants can help you get migFx setup fast so you can start working on your data migration project

Role of Technical Consultant

migFx eliminates the need for building a bespoke solution from scratch. The solution is already there for you to configure and extend as needed. 

Tasks remain for the Technical Consultants to implement rules, build Target delivery mechanisms and value-set providers depending on the chosen setup. 

These tasks are well defined and can be done by any competent SQL/C# professional. 

Executing and monitoring the migration iterations are most often done by the Technical Consultant.  

We have Technical Consultants ready to assist you in making the most of our software.

technical tasks

The technical tasks range from writing simple code, to managing the databases, execution and setup. 

C# Code

Manual rules are implemented in Engine using Visual Studio by overriding a virtual method provided in the generated code.

This overriding method is specified manually in a separate file using the partial class mechanism in c# protecting the manual implementation from being overwritten by the code generator.

This is a simple, well-known, mainline mechanism and the implementation of manual rules is indeed very straightforward.


The migFx runtime is relying on a set of Sql Server databases.

Apart from the master database, a migration project uses a migration database and a staging database.

The Technical Consultants must establish and configure these databases for every new project.


Normally the Technical Consultants are in charge of the operational side of things.

This basically means using the Director to execute migration jobs.

But it also includes loading source data from the Legacy System, executing Valueset Providers to load Valuesets from the Target system and in general just being charge of the consistency of the migFx runtime environment


migFx is capable of execute multiple, independent migration projects in parallel.

migFx provides a management UI to configure a new project, but the necessary infrastructure must also be provisioned for the project.

This includes establishing dedicated Sql Server databases, folder structures etc.

Like to know more?

In the white paper below we explain the key concepts,
features and components of migFx.  

If you have the skills required inhouse we will be happy to train,
collaborate or work with your technical team to make the most of migFx. 

migFx - Concepts Explained

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