Data Migration-
a risky business

Data migration is increasingly becoming part of IT operations in today’s business environment. However, approaches in this area are often slow, cumbersome, and costly. We focus on  breaking traditional compromises – providing faster, cheaper and better solutions for data migration.

The Problem

Organisations are often unaware of the complexity of migrations and how to effectively manage them. Migration projects do not occur frequently, so organisations are often unprepared. Tasks can be much more complicated than initially expected.

While some commercial software for data migration is available, such tools lack the functionality needed for complex data migrations. If the data or system is highly customised, commercial software will be insufficient and bespoke migration programs need to be developed.

Lack of an industry data migration methodology has left many organisations with sub-optimal practice.

No standardised

Commercial tools lack

No current "one size
fits all" solution

What needs to change?

A successful data migration project must apply an approach that focuses on business logic, accounts for multiple data dependencies and allows easy error handling, all while ensuring fast delivery and data quality.

It needs to follow an iterative process that includes structured mapping of data, development of migration programs and careful testing before the data is migrated.

Organisations would benefit significantly if such an approach were developed, standardised and made available as an ‘off the shelf’ solution for everyone to use.

Too many overrunning

The need for a
flexible tool​

The industry lacks

There is a better way to manage data migration.

Our game-changing approach allows your organisation to take a significant step forward in extending its data migration capabilities, breaking through today’s compromises.

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