Complex data migration

Software and methods for a faster, cheaper and better application data migration, on-premise or to the Cloud

A better approach

Redefined ‘best practice’ for data migration – applicable across industries

Agile approach to
data migration

Our software can move data from and to any current existing platform

Successful data migration software

Already industry proven, our platform has moved over 1,000TB of data

Shift in thinking and process

The answer to
outdated industry methods and practices


Traditional waterfall approaches for data migration often prove slow, ineffective, and inaccurate. Reluctance to adopt suitable tools for larger tasks results in unnecessary costs. It’s time for a more efficient and cost-effective approach.

According to a Gartner report, as many as 83% of data migration projects exceed their deadline and/or budget, and in some cases, fail entirely.


To succeed in managing a complex data migration or data conversion project, you need a enterprise data migration tool. A data migration software solution that allows agile working, lets you easily map, create rules and relationships, validate, execute and test – all with a minimum of effort and high-quality results.

Our software means faster go-to-market and improved delivery efficiency at lower costs. in action

Numbers speak louder than words. See for yourself how our data migration tool has already saved companies both time and money.
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A business requirement

The constant need to support new business processes and to simplify and modernise application portfolios has made data migration a core requirement for today’s modern IT organisation, but we’re still seeing old techniques being used. Our software saves companies both time and money.

Facing the challenge

Hopp’s data migration software revolutionizes the conventional approach to data migration and conversion. Our solution tackles challenges and failures head-on by integrating business logic with an agile and iterative process. With auto-generated code, rapid deployment, simplified testing, and seamless tracking, everything you need is consolidated into a single, powerful software solution. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace a streamlined approach to data migration with Hopp.

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What our clients say

Morten Heindahl

Department Manager

“migFx has helped us professionalise and streamline our data migration practice. Saving us money while improving quality and meeting deadlines.”

Johny Morris

Author Of ''Practical Data Migration (PDM)''

“For Gap Analysis & Mapping (GAM) and Migration Design & Execution (MDE) migFx is the best fit to PDMv2 we have seen and could drop straight into a PDMv2 project.  It is therefore, for GAM and MDE, fully compliant with PDMv2 and PDMv3.”

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