Migrating complex data

faster, cheaper, better 

We provide a step-change in migrating complex data through a combination of software tools and methods 

Need to do better

The constant need to support new business processes and to simplify and modernize application portfolios has made data migration a core requirement for today’s modern IT organisation, but…

  • Today’s methods are cumbersome, manual and often fail to meet their time, budget or quality objectives
  • Data migration projects involve complex manual tasks, are difficult to test and take a long time to complete

Too many organisations continue to use cumbersome, manual approaches and fail to meet their time, budget or quality objectives.

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Facing the challenge

The hopp Data Migration Framework addresses the difficulties and failures of traditional data migration approaches by incorporating business logic supported by an agile and iterative process, auto-generated code, fast deployment and straightforward  testing and tracking – all embedded in a software framework.

The iterative processes of mapping and testing are enabled by what we call Business Objects – a unique approach that ensures your business logic and relationships are replicated and maintained when migrating data, rather than destroyed.

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Our approach and solution has been proven
in many complex data migrations over several years

It consists of software components that together increase productivity through fast feedback,
in-built validation, minimal coding and rapid iteration