Temenos Banking Migration Made Easy

Hopp provides a comprehensive solution to reduce risks associated with migrating data to Temenos.

Temenos Data Migration

Data migration is a critical part of moving to Temenos banking system with impact on both internal processes, staff and customers alike.

We make your migration as successful and predictable as possible. 

Hopp Temenos Data Migration

Challenges of Migrating Data to Temenos

Hopp Temenos is a tested and working off-the-shelf solution.

No need to experiment or build something one-off/bespoke.  

Business Model Approach

Hopp’s solution uniquely maps and maintains your target banking business model, specifying your operation using Temenos. Through a meta-data modelling and maintenance approach, Hopp:

  • Extracts data structures from all systems involved in your banking model.
  • Stores these structures in a single repository via an automated process, reducing human error.
  • Tracks updates to the meta-data repository, highlighting structural differences over time for immediate issue resolution.

Hopp presents information from multiple data sources, creating a unified “single customer” record and store all data in a central repository for validation and mapping.


  • Transformation: Data migration uses Hopp Maps for mapping and transformation rules created with a user-friendly interface. This allows non-technical users to define, maintain, and supervise data mapping and transformation without writing code. 
  • High-Level Mapping: High-level mapping and transformation rules reduce build and maintenance costs and risks, as the process is fully transparent and easily verified by business analysts. Combining data cleansing and mapping is essential for successful data migration.
  • Validation: The solution validates incoming data for completeness, context, rules, and attribute values. Invalid data is managed centrally until corrected in the external system and re-imported.

Temenos Core banking
The most successful and widely used digital core-banking solution in the world.

Using cloud native and agnostic technology, Temenos provides the most extensive and richest set of banking functionality across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth and payments with over 1,000 banks in 150+ countries relying on it to provide market leading and innovative products and services to their customers.

How it works

How Hopp Automates Temenos migration

We deliver at ready and proven software solutions that allow you to keep your business focus while to specify and test your migration transformation logic, rules, and validations.

We support the whole process in a transparent manner that make sense to all stakeholders involved from businesspeople to techies.

The solution is based on our generic solution with users across all industries, but specially configured and prepared to provide the best possible integration and setup for use with Temenos Core banking.  

  • Cost-Effective

    The Hopp Temenos solution reduces your onboarding expenses. We've cut costs by eliminating the need for extensive software development for data extraction, transformation, and preparation.

  • Speedy Implementation

    Time is money. Our preconfigured solution accelerates your Temenos migration and saves you months of effort compared to traditional methods.

  • Funktionally Superior

    Our solution guarantees precision in data migration and reduces the likelihood of errors and discrepancies in your Temenos applications after migration.

  • Pre-built Solution

    We prepared all the components you need, including the Target Map and integration to Temenos. It all comes as part of the installation, so you can start your migration journey on day one. 

Hopp Temenos Integration

Hopp data migration software for Temenos Core is our proven standard software solution with the integrations needed to communicate with the Temenos interface. It extracts and delivers information to be used during the migration for transformation rules and validations to ensure everything is correct once migrated to Temenos core.   

In addition to the technical integrations, we deliver the Temenos Core mapping schema– the Hopp T24 Map. This map contains not only the data definitions but also the rules, logic and validations to ensure compliance and acceptance by the Temenos Core load module.

Temenos migration graphic depection
  • Metadata Provider

    Metadata Provider

    Ensure all changes to the tables or loader requirements are visible to the Target Map.

  • Valueset Provider

    Valueset Provider

    Load configuration data as valuesets from Temenos and make them available for use in rules and validations in Hopp Temenos.

  • Delivery Provider

    Delivery Provider

    Stage the target data and format it correctly for insertion into Temenos object by object to maintain the business integrity created in Hopp.

Get a dynamic and flexible software that easily adapts to the changing requirements of Temenos.

Download the Technical Note on our Temenos Integration below

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Why Hopp Excels in Temenos Migration

Extract, transform, process, and load your data into Temenos faster with Hopp.

  • End-to-end Solution Tailored for Temenos

    Designed explicitly for Temenos, Hopp solution offers all the necessary tools and ensures seamless migration.

  • Integrated Business Logic

    Our agile data migration approach integrates the entire business logic to ensure that the migration perfectly aligns with your business needs.

  • Iterative Data Delivery Process

    We follow an iterative data delivery process, which allows for continuous improvement and fine-tuning as we progress.

  • Transformation and Validation

    Hopp gives us the tools to automate transformation and validation while minimizing bugs and saving time and effort in the migration process.

  • Tangible Migration Results

    We track and measure migration progress using metrics and ensure that the results are accurate and reliable and that your goals are achieved.

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