Cost-Effective, Swift, and Superior Migration into Oracle Fusion

with Hopp Fusion

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This pre-configured data migration solution is already set up to work with Oracle Fusion applications. We ensure a quick and smooth start to your program. 

Hopp Oracle Fusion Migration

Challenges of Migrating Data to Oracle Fusion

Understanding Your Current Data Landscape

Before you migrate your data to Oracle Fusion, it's important that you get a picture of your existing and unique data landscape. 

Maybe you manage multiple ERP systems or use Access databases and Excel files. Third-party add-ons can increase complexity. Recognising these aspects early on will help you plan a smooth migration.

Limited Functionality

When planning your data migration project, you'll encounter the challenge that Oracle's functionality is incomplete. New updates arrive regularly, but some important functions may still be missing.

While certain areas support easy data loading, others, like Price Lists or attachments, can be tricky. Some features appear to be functional but don't work as intended, leading to unexpected problems.

Although Financials and HR functions are typically more stable, other areas like manufacturing and projects may still have glitches. Be prepared for occasional challenges.

Get a dynamic and flexible software that easily adapts to the changing requirements of Oracle Fusion.

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  • Cost-Effective

    The Hopp Fusion solution reduces Oracle Fusion expenses. We've cut costs by eliminating the need for extensive software development for data extraction, transformation, and preparation.

  • Speedy Implementation

    Time is money. Our preconfigured solution accelerates your Oracle Fusion integration and saves you months of effort compared to traditional methods.

  • Technically Superior

    Our solution guarantees precision in data migration and reduces the likelihood of errors and discrepancies in your Oracle Fusion applications.

  • Pre-built Solution

    Moving your legacy modules like HR, Finance, Purchasing, or any other legacy system to Oracle Fusion is easy with the pre-built Hopp Fusion solution.

Hopp Fusion Extensions

Enhance your Oracle Fusion data migration projects with the Hopp Fusion solution, which extends Hopp's capabilities for seamless integration. Hopp Fusion contains a set of extensions called ‘Providers’.

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  • Metadata Provider

    Metadata Provider

    Ensure all changes to the tables or loader requirements are visible to the Target Map.

  • Valueset Provider

    Valueset Provider

    Load configuration data as valuesets from Oracle Fusion and make them available for use in rules and validations in Hopp Fusion.

  • Delivery Provider

    Delivery Provider

    Stage the target data and format it correctly for insertion into Oracle Fusion object by object to maintain the business integrity created in Hopp.

Why Hopp Excels in Oracle Fusion Migration

Extract, transform, process, and load your data into Oracle Fusion faster with Hopp.

  • End-to-end Solution

    Specifically designed for Oracle Fusion, Hopp solution offers all the necessary tools and ensures seamless integration.

  • Integrated Business Logic

    Our agile data migration approach integrates the entire business logic to ensure that the migration perfectly aligns with your business needs.

  • Iterative Data Delivery Process

    We follow an iterative data delivery process, which allows for continuous improvement and fine-tuning as we progress.

  • Automated Solution

    Hopp gives us the tools to automate conversion and validation while minimising bugs and saving time and effort in the migration process.

  • Tangible Migration Results

    We track and measure migration progress using metrics and ensure that the results are accurate and reliable and that your goals are achieved.

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Hopp Fusion is a data migration solution already set up and built to work with Oracle Fusion applications. It makes the migration process easier to understand, faster, and cheaper.

For Oracle Fusion data migration projects, the Hopp Fusion solution adds to existing Hopp features, lowering costs, improving data accuracy, and speeding up execution.

Feel free to contact our technical team for personalized assistance. You can reach us via the contact information on our website or the contact form below, and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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