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Hopp's pre-built extensions contain the technical interface between the systems involved and the mapping, rules and validation that ensure that data is migrated correctly.

If you are migrating to a standard system, you could benefit from an already established extension, saving you time and money.

We have already developed several of these preconfigured integrations, which will be delivered ready to go. 

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Hopp Generic

Our Generic Integration framework allows you to create integrations to any source and target systems using simple structured interfaces. Chances are we already have what you need or we will build it for you.

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Microsoft Dynamics

If you plan to use multiple Dynamics modules across your organization, you’ll gain an advantage with our preconfigured enterprise data migration software. Save time and resources to refine your business processes.

oracle fusion data migration tools

Oracle Fusion

When moving to Oracle Fusion, you’re likely to migrate various EBS modules like HR, Finance, and Purchasing. Our proven data integration solutions help companies improve data consistency and quality.

oracle ebs to fusion migration


Migrating to a large and complex banking application like Temenos requires a data migration software solution that will ensure that large cross-functional teams can work efficiently together and focus on delivering quality results.

Benefits of Using Our Pre-Built Data Integration Solutions

Save time, connect systems smoothly, and improve data quality while harnessing the power of Hopp’s data migration and integration. Here are additional benefits you’ll get.

Simplified Data Connectivity

Simplified Data Connectivity

With our pre-developed and thoroughly tested data integration package, we ensure effortless, reliable, and adaptable data connectivity in various scenarios. This saves time, reduces complexity, and optimizes cost efficiency.

oracle data migration tools
Seamless Integration Framework

Seamless Integration Framework

Hopp offers a robust framework for smooth integration with various applications, whether as source or target systems. It is designed to interact flawlessly with different systems and ensure reusability across multiple projects.

Tailored Business Logic

Tailored Business Logic

Hopp’s data integration has custom business logic for intricate data projects that go beyond basic connections. It smoothly fits with Hopp to guarantee an error-free process.

Technical Components

Technical Components of the Integration Package

At the heart of our integration package are its technical components, built to interact with source or target systems. These components support API calls, web service calls, file structures, and SQL statements.

Plug & Play Features

Plug-and-Play Features

Out of the box, our Hopp’s data integration package inherently includes a clear target map, integration points, and message loops. This guarantees smooth information exchange across a range of systems.

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