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Empowering Nordic Banking Platform with Tailored Banking Solutions: SDC's Data Migration Journey and Success with Hopp

Department Manager, SDC

“Having relied on Hopp's data migration software for over 10 years and successfully completed several data migration projects, we can confidently say that it is an invaluable tool for our organization. Hopp has helped us professionalize and streamline our data migration practice, saving us money while improving quality and meeting deadlines.”

Susanne M Schrage

Department Manager, SDC

Beyond technology, a fulfilling banking journey hinges on personalized care and consistent guidance. For over 50 years, our customers have cultivated a community based on a Nordic IT platform. This empowers them to create true customer value: a positive banking experience.

Originating in 1963, small savings banks united to achieve efficiency and create an electronic bookkeeping system. Today, more than 50  banks across Nordic countries, united as a community, making each entity stronger.


Financial services


Ballerup, Denmark


About 500


Over the last ten years, SDC has diligently worked towards refining its data migration capabilities. They’ve gone from using conventional manual coding and ad hoc methods to a progressively sophisticated and industrialized approach. This has really improved  SDC's banking platform’s ability to offer reliable data migration services, which is important for the seamless integration of new customers.  

  • Onboarding new customers. The company needed to find a way to integrate new customers into SDC's banking platform and give them all the information and tools they need to use the solution seamlessly. 
  • Ensuring Performance. SDC wanted to ensure the attributes of speed, reliability, predictability, and quality throughout the onboarding process. 
  • Balancing Efficiency and Excellence. The company sought to balance cost efficiency with maintaining high standards. 


In a competitive market, SDC's ongoing data migration for new customers is key. SDC's solid track record boosts customer confidence, ensuring swift, top-quality onboarding. Customers often transition operations to SDC in a weekend. To meet this demand, SDC established a specialized Data Migration Department. 

After considering options, SDC chose Hopp. The rigorous evaluation confirmed our dynamic software as the best solution. Ongoing checks confirm its effectiveness, offering a suite of proven migration components for immediate use.  

Here's a list of what Hopp's solution has brought to SDC: 

  • Separate source and target mapping. The ability to distinctively map source and target elements. 
  • Full reuse of Target mapping. Utilization of target mapping without redundancy, enhancing efficiency. 
  • End-to-end solution. Comprehensive and inclusive solution covering all data migration scenarios. 
  • Manage any business complexity. Proficient in handling diverse and intricate business scenarios. 
  • Standardized methods. Utilization of consistent and established approaches. 
  • Generated code—minimal coding effort. Automatic code generation, reducing the need for extensive manual coding. 
  • Easy user interactions and approval. User-friendly interface for smooth interactions and approval processes. 
  • Item handling to create defects and changes during a during.
  • Test areas to define what must be tested and keeping track of the result of the test.


At Hopp, we have always enjoyed working with SDC. They were our very first customer. Their vast expertise in data migration and their goal of creating a top-tier, industrial-standard data migration team and procedure for their clients has made our collaboration over the last many years incredibly inspiring. We're grateful to SDC.

Sune Petersen

Managing Director at Hopp

Hopp has provided SDC robust tools to quickly iterate, rerun subsets, trace issues to their source, and identify areas for improvement. The company has used Hopp for many years to consistently meet data migration goals.  

Hopp data migration software's contribution:

  • Enabled professionalization and streamlining of data migration practices. Hopp revolutionized data migration by enhancing practices with a structured and optimized approach, boosting professionalization.  
  • Resulted in financial savings, enhanced quality, and adherence to deadlines. Streamlined processes saved money by cutting time and effort for data migration. Efficiency gains lowered errors and boosted data quality. 
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication. The Hopp framework enhanced technical processes and promoted team collaboration through standardized approaches. It facilitated smoother cross-departmental work, provided clear guidelines, and improved project transparency. 
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